What We Do

Approved by the Home Office and affiliated with The National Rifle Association, the aim of the Bangor and District Practical Rifle and Pistol Club is to encourage and facilitate the development of and participation in the sport of target shooting.

As an established club our objectives are to:

  • Promote and foster all forms of safe recreational rifle and pistol shooting.
  • Provide and continually develop appropriate ranges and facilities for our members.
  • Organise competitions for members
  • Provide coaching and training enabling skill acquisition for controlled shooting

As a family friendly club, we place great emphasis upon responsible ownership and maintaining a controlled environment in all our activities. We recognize the importance of introducing safe and responsible shooting to all and especially younger members. The ethos of the Club is to ensure that hunting and shooting traditions and opportunities remain intact.
We encourage and welcome all to the Club, and those new to the sport why not pull the trigger and give shooting a try!

Opening Times:

Club Night – Wednesdays (7pm – 9pm)
Air Rifle Club Night – Mondays (6pm – 8pm)

Shooting Disciplines available at the Club:

 Rifle Pistol Shotgun
Full-Bore Precision Black Powder Practical
Small-Bore Precision Precision
Mini Rifle
Black Powder

Shooting has been an Olympic sport since the first modern games in 1896 and with a vast array of disciplines, encompassing various guns, targets and distances. With rifles, competitors shoot at a set target from either 10, 25 or 50 metres, with points awarded for a shot’s proximity to the centre, much like archery. The pistol event follows the same format as the rifle one… except with pistols.
Within the Club competitions complement the coaching and training of members and provide not only a competitive and fun activity, but also enable members to assess their own levels of skill acquisition in the different forms of target shooting.
Organised with a social and family friendly purpose, competitions are held on Wednesday evenings and enable members of Bangor and District Practical Rifle and Pistol Club to network with other members and join in other social activities that may from time to time be organised on club nights.
Prize winners are announced and normally awarded at the Annual General Meeting, and members can track their own progress as scores are provided on the website in the members section after each completion.

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