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New to the Sport?
Considering a new sport can be an exciting time for anyone and the thought of holding a firearm and firing it can be exhilarating. Shooting sports require composure and self-control and are not just about strength or fitness. This means shooting can be for anybody and are the most easily adaptable sports for all participants. Shooting not only promotes health and well-being but can also help build many physical attributes such as hand-eye coordination.

Becoming a Member

Whether you are new to the sport or seasoned participant, all prospective members wishing to join the club must undergo a probationary period. At the start of the probationary period prospective members will be required to attend an Induction Session. The probation period is a minimum of three months. During probation the prospective member must attend at least five times to shoot under supervision, and with tuition and instruction as may be appropriate, and also take part in a competition to familiarise them with behaviour in an organised competition.

After COVID, although not quite back to normal operation, we are able and pleased to accept new members. The first Wednesday evening of each month is now a club night catering for prospective new members and probationers. If you would like to join or just to enquire, come up to the club on the first Wednesday of any month, ideally between 7 and 8 p.m. for a show-round and a chat and to start your application. It is helpful if you let us know beforehand by using the contact facility on this site, but by no means essential

Subscription renewals
Individual £120
Family £145
Junior £25